Whole Home Humidifier & Air Cleaner Installation for Healthy Air

Lucky Duct has teamed with Aprilaire as a Partner in Comfort to provide you with whole home humidifier installation. This level of partnership between our companies was forged because Lucky Duct has built a reputation for quality workmanship, proper education of employees, and supreme know-how of Aprilaire products. Call (303) 246-5475 today for a humidifier installation.

Humidifiers Make A Healthy Environment in Colorado

When your home is maintaining proper humidity levels, it can seriously impact the air quality inside your home. When you hire Lucky Duct to install your Aprilaire whole home humidifier, it will work with your heating, ventilation, and A/C system to create the perfect level of humidity.

Whole Home Humidifier Benefits

  • Dry air produces more dust by creating static. A whole home humidifier will eliminate a significant amount static, therefore having less dust and other airborne contaminants in the air of your home
  • You can relieve sinus pressure, combat against dry skin and noise bleeds.
  • Viruses and other germs stay airborne longer in environments with lower humidity levels. A whole house humidifier installation will increase the humidity in the home reducing the spread of illness in the home..
  • Save money on your energy bill by not having to crank your thermostat up to feel comfortable. Air with higher humidity levels feels warmer and retains heat longer than air with lower humidity.
  • The wood and even some house plants will respond positively to increased humidity
  • Less expensive and more efficient than running several small humidifiers throughout your home

Air Cleaners

Lucky Duct can install an Aprilaire whole house air cleaner in your home that helps with extending the life of your entire air conditioning, heating, and ventilation system. Aprilaire air cleaners remove allergens and pollutants from your home's air, which reduce the chance for mold and bacteria build up. No allergens and pollutants also means you breath cleaner air. Aprilaire air filtration sysstems require less maintenance than a standard filter that needs montly changing in the long run saving you money! Aprilair whole house air filters create less static pressure ensuring your furnace and air conditoning system is getting enough air flow through the duct work providing optimum comfort in your home. Call (303) 246-5475 and get an air cleaner installed by Lucky Duct today.