Keeping Your Furnace Clean and Operating at Peak Performance

It is recommended that you have a furnace cleaning and a furnace service at least once a year to keep it from malfunctioning or losing performance. However, a lot of people wait until there's a problem to call a technician. If your are left in the cold in Colorado and need a furnace repair call us today for comprehensive diagnosis of the heating system. Lucky Duct can service and repair all types of makes and models from the worlds heating manufactures.
Lucky Duct offers a thorough inspection and deep clean of your entire furnace system. When Lucky Duct services your furnace regularly, we are saving you money in the long run by identifying any small problems that could lead to larger ones down the road. Don't let some other HVAC company send out a carpet cleaner to “clean” your furnace. Call (303) 246-5475 today to schedule a furnace inspection and cleaning from an actual HVAC technician.

Furnace Installation

Lucky Duct partners with Rheem to provide quality built furnaces, installed by your friendly and skilled Luck Duct technician. Our installation procedure is far from a plug-in-and-leave type of service. From the very beginning, we provide a comprehensive installation estimate and ensure that your new system works properly, safely, and efficiently in order to keep you feeling comfortable. Lucky Duct will spend the time to understand the customers specific situation and concerns to provide the most effective solutions when shopping for a new furnace. Call (303) 246-5475 today to schedule a furnace installation.

Our Furnace Cleaning Checklist

  • Burner Shelf
  • Fan Blades
  • Blower Motor
  • Blower Housing
  • Blower Compartment
  • Heat Exchanger(s)
  • Heat Exchanger Compartment
  • All Components Air Washed
Denver Furnace Cleaning
Furnace Burner Roll Out in Highlands Ranch.
Furnace Cleaning Denver
Furnace Cleaning in Denver, Colorado.

Furnace Filtration

We can determine the best furnace filter for your system by using professional grade digital testing tools at no cost to you. Ensuring your furnace is equipped with the best filter will help extend the life of the heat exchanger component, which is the most expensive part to replace in your furnace, and if fails can leak a deadly amount of carbon monoxide into the home.

Filter Options

Poly Filter — Air Duct Cleaning in Lone Tree, CO
Poly (fiberglass) - Did you know that a typical fiber glass disposable filter is effective at catching only 7% of particulate matter passing through the air stream at 10 Microns? A lot of house hold dust that circulates in your ventilation system is commonly smaller than 10 Microns. Without an in the field consultation / testing we are confident to inform our valued customer that they can probably do better than a Poly filter, guaranteed!
Pleated Filter — Air Duct Cleaning in Lone Tree, CO
Pleated - Very often these filters create a lot of problems with many heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. Sometimes they may be viable to use, however more commonly on many systems in most homes they create more problems than not. Only by testing would anybody know.
Electrostatic Filter — Air Duct Cleaning in Lone Tree, CO
Electrostatic - These furnace filters can cause a lot of problems with the performance of your heating and cooling systems, especially if they are not constantly cleaned every month, which most people won't do. Sometimes the pressure drop created by these filters is so severe that even a new one fresh out of the wrapping causes problems. Only through testing would anybody know. Thank goodness you can count on a Lucky Duct service technician during a scheduled air duct cleaning to let you know!

Furnace FAQs

Q: Can Lucky Duct perform a 10-point furnace safety inspection to include gas leak detection on my furnace?
A: Yes.
Q: Does Lucky Duct perform 24-hour emergency repair service?
A: No, however this maybe subject to change in the future.
Q: Can Lucky Duct perform a heat exchanger test (sometimes this is also known as a “furnace certification”, however furnace manufacturers do not encourage the use of the term, because there is no actual certifying body to govern what a furnace certification is)?
A: Yes, we can perform a heat exchanger test to determine if a furnace heat exchanger is good or bad. Each test performed includes the installation of a free carbon monoxide detector made by Aprilaire.
Note: It is recommended to replace a carbon monoxide detector every 5 years. Ask your local fire department.
Q: Can Lucky Duct tune my furnace and what does it involve??
A: Yes, the tune-up can involve several areas of adjustment and component testing that varies depending on the furnace model, such as gas valve tuning with a manometer, burner adjustments, heat anticipator adjustments, testing of various components such as limit switches, roll out switches, ignition types, amp draw readings from the fan speed wires, delta T's taken and fan speed adjustments, etc. to mention just a few areas of testing and adjustment. Your Lucky Duct service technician will know what to do, to get your furnace running as efficiently as possible. Sometimes additional parts, such as thermocouples, surface igniters and limit switches will be recommended for replacement if your furnace is cycling incorrectly due to worn out parts. Additional parts are billed separately from the tune-up price.
Q: Can Lucky Duct repair my furnace when it breaks down?
A: Yes, in fact Lucky Duct has the most comprehensive service/repair policy in the industry. You will pay a diagnostic fee of $95.00. This fee covers an arrival of your repair technician and covers the initial trouble shoot of the problem. If the technician fails to accurately diagnose what is wrong, you will not be billed for the $95.00 diagnostic fee! In the event that a repair is made, a separate repair fee out of a pre-written price book assesses the cost to make the repair. The $95.00 and the repair fee will be due. Lucky Duct™ delivers up-front pricing and you are not obligated to Lucky Duct™ to make the identified repair, however you will be obligated to the $95.00 diagnostic fee.